By Asa Rodriguez

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BENJAMIN JONES (1st Adventure)
Asa Rodriguez

Imagine a 1890s orphanage where the reader meets a young man named Benjamin. He has no idea what kind of life is in front of him.  With the help of a older gentleman who mysteriously knows more about Ben than he realizes.  This is a magical coming of age story.

I enjoy the woven tale by Asa Rodriguez.  It was so extraordinary  that I had the book done in two days.  This page turner is a fantastic tale of fantasy and coming of age.  I would give this story. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  

4th week of May: Milestones

Wow can’t believe we are almost done with the month of May. I am so proud of myself for writing a post a week. My next episode will be my 30th (Yay!). I am just doing a lot of 1sts. I am doing a lot better. In a few days I will have my 11th milestone of being discharged from the hospital.

Each day I am trying to learn how to take care of myself even more than the previous month. I am lucky to have my family cheering me all the way. Like any person I have my ups and downs. I started CBT therapy to help my depression. Sometimes I hear that I talk to much about my conditions. To be honest I feel better about it. Do I feel it is hard to talk about? Not really I am actually getting used to it and find it to be therapeutic.

Well that is the update for this week for now. Next time we will be in a new month. Anybody have topics for writing prompts for me? By the way I have my podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and many more. Just do a search for Sara Gamachu and look for Sara’s Journal to here more about how I am doing.