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Recently I have come to realize how people really like no love me. It is humbling to hear such kind words spoken or written. Returning to the States was a dream I had most 2017. It was a rough journey to get my mind and body ready for the adjustment. The when and where I would live became the question each day. I remember asking my friend if she would be willing to take me in.

I really didn’t have a lot of choices at the time. I was a bundle of emotions not sure what I was feeling. Honestly I felt alone and unsure of the future. Would I ever see my son again? Would he even want to see me? 4 or 5 years was a long time. For me I was living in a caccoon healing from my emotional pain and wounds. I knew people cared about me, yet the memories of the past made me wonder if people would understand why I took a sabbatical.

Your over 21 became a phrase that I heard repeatedly. Yes of age but healing from emotional wounds that caused my mind to forget when I became too anxious. I started this blog to help me get back on my feet. The thoughts are real. They explain how I am dealing with feeling emotions again. Learning to love myself and enjoy the little things in life. Realizing yes I can do things if a person is patient enough to teach them to me.

The writing community on Twitter has become the basis of this post. They accept me and encourage me. I am so thankful for them. My friends that have been practically like my family have been a blessing to me. They give me this love that has me realize that I will get better in time. They suggest things and take the time to explain it to me so I can understand what is being said. Of course there is my mom who has been pushing me to get better and be self sufficient. Ready to remind me that God has a plan for me.


Writing my language of choice.

It’s been my language of communication and choice.  When the words can’t reach my tongue it decides the fingertips would be the next best thing.

Our first wedding anniversary he bought me teal journal with a matching small notepad.  It was the best gift he could have given me.  I wrote all my thoughts, notes I jotted down from my son’s appointments, and at a point a food journal for myself to see why I wasn’t gaining weight.  It especially held my thoughts as the extreme stress and anxiety started showing inside of me.

I don’t know what happened to my notebook.  It was left behind when I left “Sam”.  I requested it to be returned to me after the divorce hearing.  The small ones was all they could return.  Maybe someday my son might find it.

These days I am careful with my notebooks.  Trying to keep them close to me.  What I share online are the chosen few that my spirit tells me that need to be read.

I want my writing to be a beckoning lighthouse showing others to the shores of life between the storms that is thrown at us.

Does this help anybody?

Would you like to leave a testimony about how these or any of my posts leave an impression on you?  I have wanted to create a Testimony spot, but was not sure if it would be appropriate.  Now my heart feels like this would be the perfect time for it.  So let me know what you think?


Going home.

I posted this on Medium.  I was written during my time at Hardees.  I was dealing with life after the divorce.  You can hear in the words how much my heart was weary and I needed to remind myself that things would get better if I just kept going.  It was written a few days before I flew back to Seattle with my son to visit my mother.  Not knowing how things could change in just a few weeks and than months.  Within a  few weeks I was diagnosed with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder from the extreme stress and anxiety of my situation.  This was writtien on the way home in its entirity.


I am going home to my son that loves me.
I am going home to someone that cares.
He puts my face in his hands and calls me mommy.
At a young age he is learning so much.
Yet there is so much he still needs to know.
Some day I hope he has a father that is caring.
Someone who doesn’t look on the outside but the inside.
Yes I am going home to someone who loves me.

Celebrating life by seeing Marvel entertainment effects in person.

Costumes from Black Panther.
Thor Ragenrovk costumes.
Loki’s helmet
We were greeted by the Thing from Fantastic Four
The King himself Black Panther
Did you know Lupita’s costume was based on an Ethiopian tribe?
From Spider-Man Homecoming
William Defoe’s and Michael Keaton’s helmets from Spider-Man films.
That was what Thanos wanted? Hmm such power in a box.
Iron Man 1
Iron Man suit
Man Tony really knows how to make things shine.
More Stark technology.
Captain America and the Winter Soldier!
Black Widow

Nick Fury
Groot bust
Dr. Strange
Dare Devil by night.
Matt Murdock by day.
Luke Cage’s hoodie
Original Captain America uniform
More Iron Man

I needed a distraction from the memories of my past. As I looked at each item my mind linked it to a scene on the screen. Black Panther’s actual costume right in front of me. Loki’s helmet was a degree closer to Tom Hiddleston. It was amazing. Excitement I in me I knew I needed photo proof of what I was seeing. I mean it’s not everyday you see the costumes from the Thor movies. It was a day to remember that life was good. It will continue to get better.

Welcome to the Gutenberg Editor

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The goal of this new editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable. This whole post is composed of pieces of content—somewhat similar to LEGO bricks—that you can move around and interact with. Move your cursor around and you’ll notice the different blocks light up with outlines and arrows. Press the arrows to reposition blocks quickly, without fearing about losing things in the process of copying and pasting. What you are reading now is a text block the most basic block of all. The text block has its own controls to be moved freely around the post…

… like this one, which is right aligned.

Headings are separate blocks as well, which helps with the outline and organization of your content.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Handling images and media with the utmost care is a primary focus of the new editor. Hopefully, you’ll find aspects of adding captions or going full-width with your pictures much easier and robust than before.

Beautiful landscape
If your theme supports it, you’ll see the “wide” button on the image toolbar. Give it a try.
Try selecting and removing or editing the caption, now you don’t have to be careful about selecting the image or other text by mistake and ruining the presentation.

The Inserter Tool

Imagine everything that WordPress can do is available to you quickly and in the same place on the interface. No need to figure out HTML tags, classes, or remember complicated shortcode syntax. That’s the spirit behind the inserter—the (+) button you’ll see around the editor—which allows you to browse all available content blocks and add them into your post. Plugins and themes are able to register their own, opening up all sort of possibilities for rich editing and publishing. Go give it a try, you may discover things WordPress can already add into your posts that you didn’t know about. Here’s a short list of what you can currently find there:
  • Text & Headings
  • Images & Videos
  • Galleries
  • Embeds, like YouTube, Tweets, or other WordPress posts.
  • Layout blocks, like Buttons, Hero Images, Separators, etc.
  • And Lists like this one of course 🙂

Visual Editing

A huge benefit of blocks is that you can edit them in place and manipulate your content directly. Instead of having fields for editing things like the source of a quote, or the text of a button, you can directly change the content. Try editing the following quote:
The editor will endeavor to create a new page and post building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless, and has “blocks” to make it easy what today might take shortcodes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed discovery. Matt Mullenweg, 2017
The information corresponding to the source of the quote is a separate text field, similar to captions under images, so the structure of the quote is protected even if you select, modify, or remove the source. It’s always easy to add it back. Blocks can be anything you need. For instance, you may want to add a subdued quote as part of the composition of your text, or you may prefer to display a giant stylized one. All of these options are available in the inserter. You can change the amount of columns in your galleries by dragging a slider in the block inspector in the sidebar.

Media Rich

If you combine the new wide and full-wide alignments with galleries, you can create a very media rich layout, very quickly:
Accessibility is important — don’t forget image alt attribute
Sure, the full-wide image can be pretty big. But sometimes the image is worth it. The above is a gallery with just two images. It’s an easier way to create visually appealing layouts, without having to deal with floats. You can also easily convert the gallery back to individual images again, by using the block switcher. Any block can opt into these alignments. The embed block has them also, and is responsive out of the box:
You can build any block you like, static or dynamic, decorative or plain. Here’s a pullquote block:
Code is Poetry The WordPress community

If you want to learn more about how to build additional blocks, or if you are interested in helping with the project, head over to the GitHub repository.

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