From the last week of July.

Note: I was so close to trashing this post. I even had a difficult time titling it. Than my inner self said it’s okay to share this. People might actually get it. So here it is. Sara

Both my blogs might get more shorter portions. Personally, I felt awful when I couldn’t do huge detail like I wished. So, I decided short is better than none at all.
Then I realized when I changed my other blog to an even more simpler theme I got excited. It was a beauty and I was proud. To be honest I needed a break from Starting Over and decided to give My Journey Through Life a facelift with a grand opening. Ok that is my city girl side talking. 

Another thing I actually was very close to walking out on my Twitter account. Yes, I am so proud of networking than I realized people I thought were following me actually blocked me. Talk about a shove in the ego. Thankfully I talked myself out of it. I will just let people do the clicking and keep going.

For the folks who think I can puts stuff out when I can…. Guess what it doesn’t work that way. I have been trying to explain it without complaining. Consider me an artist with my words painting a bigger picture. I actually got a comment that described that. It made me feel pretty good.

On both blogs, I have expressed that I have been tense lately. I think that plus the cold weather caused my body to go on strike. It’s been pretty rough. I am just getting over a bug so I might seem extra spicy with my words or attitude. It was suggested that I write in the second person point of view. I felt kind of sad because a lot of the time I am putting myself in another person’s shoes and seeing the world from their point of view.

On my LinkedIn profile, I describe myself as a caregiver. It is true because my mom has Post-Polio Syndrome which has her slowing down a bit. Trust me the word disabled was not in our vocabulary except when parking the car, “Ooh there is a handicap spot!”

Being her helper is teaching me that sometimes you are judged by your appearance. Like for example in the West there are so many assistance for a person with a disability lifts for example to get them in and out of cars, buses, and other uses of transportation. Here in my native land we are lucky if there is a ramp that gets my mom’s wheelchair around without getting stuck. People literally stare at my mom whenever we go places possibly thinking “what are you doing here?” Is it really that unbelievable that a person in a wheelchair can go into a cafe? 

There are times I share things on Facebook because several people know I came on this trip to help my mom. I also use my blogs as a way to explain how I live from experience and action. I myself deal with my own situations differently from others my age. I was dealt this life that many others would run from.  

So, with that you can see how I want to give hope to others and inspire them to not give up. Trust me I know.

Until next time be a light in the darkness and help others in need.

My Journey Through Life can be a stepping stone to your Starting Over at whatever stage you are.


There is a silver lining to this story. Just keep hoping. 👑

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Challenged made.

Who is Sara Gamachu?  Is she real or a ghost.  Where did she come from?  What are her likes and dislikes?

Write an article about Sara Gamachu and breathe some life into her lungs.  Ok you want the truth?  It will soon be clear that Sara is going to tell me her story.  Will you read it?

Mental Illness is for real!

This is for Chester and the many others who have taken their lives. How many more do we need to lose before the world sees this epidemic. Bullying is not cool! That is just one symptom. Grasp onto hope and run with it. That is what I had to do.

Midway through 2017. How you doing Sara?

For the month of July you might see a sporadic of posts. I have been dealing with some things on my end that may be connected to my fatigue.

So instead I will try to use my other social media to express things. I was able to update apps on my iPod touch (a gift). I am relearning after 3 years of device absence. Ivy will do my pictures from front to back as I learn the updated version on the other device. I can’t express my excitement because the renewal of joy just is uncontainable.

Another gift was Apple Music. I already have found some music that helps me move faster and get my energy grow. I am posting my social media profiles in the next paragraph for more information into seeing the world through my minds eye.

Among my milestones for last month is over 100 people subscribers to Starting Over in 2013 (not including email subscribers). That is awesome thank you all keep sharing so we can all change the world! I recently discovered I have been blogging on WordPress for 6 years! That is huge! I have over 100 followers on Instagram, 33 on Facebook, and over 1,000 on Twitter! Not to mention a growing connection on LinkedIn. That is amazing! I am beyond happy with this. Yes I am also on Pinterest so let’s all pin together.

I want to thank some special people in my life who have cheered me on from the sidelines. My relatives and extended family so numerous who check on me via Messenger and other modes of communication. My friends Jennifer and Windy for giving me a boost via email the last few weeks. Most of all my faith warriors who cover me eternally I am grateful. To my son, Mom loves you so much to the moon and back. My blogging community for inspiring me to keep at it Mark, Merbear, to name a few.

You can find me by typing in Mahlet Sebhat or Molly Sebhat.

Until next time have a great weekend!


A shoutout to Robert a  great blogger.  I wish you success with your upcoming book! 🎆Sara

…Red, like your favorite sky, the in-between, the misplaced one. From “I Have Answers,” in From Every Moment a Second, available for prepublication order via Finishing Line Press.


Proud of you Viking!  Keep up the good work!


Despite my rant on Monday about the decrease in blog views, the followers number just keeps on rising. I absolutely love you all! I truly hope I never get used to this. As I said before, a book giveaway is coming at 1000! Thank you! – Viking