I did something spontaneous today. I had made arrangements with a friend to get my hair done. Its been a few months since I did something like this. I felt like I needed a little pick me up. I am going to try to take a picture of it and upload it. Most of my friends from my Magnolia days can remember when would take a break and go across the street to the salon for a little pick me up. I had my first manicure and facial. I had an amazing massage too. One day I even got my haircut and felt absolutely amazing. It was so much fun to pamper myself and feel like I renewed myself.

I was looking at myself lately and thought what had I become. I felt that old need to renew myself. I didn’t know where to start. Than I thought about it. My hair could use a little umph. I asked my friend about what I could do. Highlights came to mind. That was what I had done before. The thing was my hair was too short for it. So I thought about it and we went with a full on color. With a little red tint in my hair I felt like the old me. Kind of like years before when I would go across the street to the beauty salon for a pick me up. Got 23 days to enjoy the rest of my year. I want to feel young again. I want to feel like that girl who could do anything just by putting her mind to it. Yes I admit I wanted a self-confidence pick me up. Plus I want to look a picture of myself and not wonder who was that woman.

Thanks for listening….