Typical Finnish wooden rocking chair.
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I got up this morning at the sound of my son calling out to me via the baby monitor.  Sometimes I like to call him my alarm clock.  Because whenever he wakes up I know I got to get up.  Sometimes it sounds like he is saying Mama either than or he is using his sounds.  Well this particular morning it was just a straight yelling sound to announce that he was awake.  I stumbled out of bed and headed to the kitchen to get his morning cup of formula ready for him.  I then went into his room and there he was all smiles.  He was glad to see that I hadn’t forgotten him.  I changed his diaper and brought him to the living room to relax a bit.  He drank his sippy cup and was content.  I am not sure who fell asleep first him or I.  This is almost a ritual for us.  I don’t remember if he tried to get into a comfortable position or if he was happy with what he where he was.  I still remember when he was smaller when I could just put him on my chest and he would fit comfortably.  Now we both shift around to make ourselves comfortable in my rocking chair.  An hour so went by and he was still fast asleep.  So I took him to his room and put him in his crib.  I then went back to bed hoping for at least an hour of sleep.  I am not sure how long I slept but it felt like 10 minutes.  I soon heard him again wake up.  This time I put on a cd and put some of his toys in his reach.  I hoped it would buy me a few more minutes.  It did. 🙂  I looked at my watch and realized I needed to get up and ready for Service.  I quietly snuck out of my room and rushed to get ready.  I was thinking by the time I got myself ready, fed my son some breakfast, and changed his outfit I would be totally ready to go.

To make the story short I managed to get everything perfect down to the already made sippy cup in the diaper bag.  Time went by and my son fell asleep in my arms as we sat in the rocking chair.  I finally put him back in his crib.  Made myself something to eat and watched Thundercats.  I have decided to take a nap once I finished this entry.  I think the pollen has been playing games with my allergies.  To top it all I have been feeling congested.  So I am off to take a nap and hopefully rest a bit.