With my Spotify playing in the background I am browsing the WordPress internet (I am not sure if that is a real word) for some new blogs to read.  You see I was nominated for an award and realized that I haven’t expanded my horizon for new things to read.  I was embarrassed to have only follow a few sites since I had begun writing my blog.  I was so excited to write-up my entry to follow-up the nominating procedures when I realized I knew of only 4-5 blogs that I had begun reading and following.  So began my mission to find new blogs to enjoy reading and then soon nominate for the award.


Than I thought I could post the entry and update it as I go along.  My conscience told me that would be against the rules and that is how I began browsing for inspiration.  If any of you readers have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.




P.S. I am still learning all the rules to blogging.  So bear with me if I stumble and fall through this journal journey.