I decided to take a little break from writing.  Well my computer decided I needed the break.  I was using my Kindle Fire to stay up to date but realized taping at a screen was a little more difficult than typing away from my faithful laptop.  I have had my it for a few years and didn’t realize that a battery can actually die or slow down.  I have mostly worked with desktops that don’t usually die unless for some technical snafu.  So when the little message on the screen started saying that it would be a good idea to get a new battery I had to finally give in (my version of the translation).  I waited until my birthday to start looking into it.  I went ahead and ordered my new battery.  I was overjoyed when it came and was going well.  Than a few days into it the lovely thing didn’t want to charge or it charged for a little time.  Huh I wondered what could be wrong.  I cranked on the charger cord nicely asking it to keep going.  It worked for a little while.  Than all of a sudden after trying to plug it in to different outlets in the house it decided it had no more juice.  Color me confused.  So I researched and asked a few people… oh and something else happened while this was going on… my charger started beeping.  Now that really confused me.  Whoever heard of a beeping charger.  Well I nicely asked around and found out possibly my charger was needing a replacement.  So the delay went on for a while.  I than decided huh maybe this was someone’s way of saying I should take a little computer break.  So I did just that.  I waited patiently for my charger to be delivered.  While this happened I started using my Kindle Fire more for reading, listening to Pandora (especially with my son lil G), and watching movies/TV shows that I had put on the back burner.  Huh little did I know I was actually able to get a few thing done.  Think about other stuff in my life.  Even enjoy watching movies with lil G.  He even enjoyed it too.  When I was able to I checked blog comments via Kindle Fire.  I even took the time to tweet now and then.  So far I got caught up with some shows that I wasn’t able to take the time to see in a while.  Well its been almost a week since I got my laptop up and running again.  I decided I was ready to make my entry.  For those of you who might go on Tumblr you will be able to read thing on both here on WordPress and Tumblr (thanks to WordPress!)   Oh and vice versa for my Tumblr readers. 🙂

For those of you who have commented about the RSS links.  I wish that I knew how to fix that.  I will admit that is not one of my strong points.  If you have any ideas or know of anything feel free to email me.  My email is on the Contact Page.


Thank you for all your patience and kind comments.  Feel free to share this page with your friends and family.  I sure try to. 😀