EFL (English First Language)

By Sara Gamachu

Friday, November 22, 2013

As a child of immigrants, the first language I could speak was English.  30 years and several jobs later someone innocently asked me if I was ESL because my name was hard to pronounce.  No I shook my head and told the customer (who I happen to know outside of work) that unless it meant English Speedy Language that it was actually one of the languages spoken at my home.  Several people have told me that I talk too fast (in English and my native tongue) and that I needed to slow down.  Now these days I am trying to relearn my native language.  Lucky for me there are three of them and I just need to speak two of them.  So tonight, I told my mom, “I am not like my other cousins who know 3 languages.”  English being one of them.  Oh and if you wanted to know how to pronounce Gamachu it sounds like this phonetically (Ga-Ma-Chew).  Who knows maybe someday I will explain how I came up with this last name.  That can be another entry for another day.  🙂