I Am Back

Return of the Mother on Her Journey of Life

By Sara Gamachu

January 21, 2014

Scene: A desert cave where nothing would ever go… except for those insignificant strong few who want to change their life and help others detour that ordinary road of life.


How is that for an introduction? I can just picture the scene in the Bible where Mary and Martha were grieving their dear brother Lazarus who had passed away from an illness. Than from out of “nowhere” Jesus comes into the scene and tells them to roll away the tomb. For the rest of this story check out the New Testament in your local versions of the Bible. J

For the past few months I have been taking a little break from well… the ordinary life that I was living. I plucked myself from the journey that I was taking. I had spent for most of 2013 fighting to get back to the life I had lived before I was married. I wanted dearly to be a woman who was strong, confident, and courageous of the world that was tumbling all around her. My son deserved a mother who was not a wispy or swept away woman. I admit I was not one to make major decisions. It was only because I would choose the option that was normally pushed away for not being a wise or sensible choice. People might not know this about me… I am a very intelligent woman who even though I have a very abstracted way of thinking still has her head on her neck. Yes, he cut up my credit cards because of my lack of budgeting skills. Yeah…ahem and this woman had a 401k that she kept locked away for when she worked hard to make a difference for herself and her family. I might have emotions that tend to be stronger than my logical mind. Then again so do many other women in this world. Yes, we are the few that stand up to be counted in that sorority of life that society has built for us. I was part of this minority of hard working individuals long before I got married. Yes we were the Cinderella’s’ that worked hard to make sure everyone around us was comfortable and had what they needed to make their life easy. Yeah I know that might sound strange to everybody else. You might think who cares about that person in the corner toiling to make life as relaxed as you the majority who think they are bigger and stronger than the rest of us. If you lived in that world…that life for so many years and worked your heart out and just to be counted as insignificant as the piece of dirt that we walk on the daily basis.