Looking out my Bedroom Window

By Sara Gamachu

April 6, 2014

When I look out my bedroom window, I see the veranda of my parents’ home that my dad built for their retirement years. They decided to move back to my native land across the globe from where I grew up. It is a property that is just starting to come alive. My

parents have their room in the main part of the compound and I have a room a few doors down from the main part of the house. When you step outside my bedroom door, you will see the small garden of plants on the sprouting on the other side of the veranda fence. In the horizon, you can see other homes where other people in our town live. When you look into the sky one can see the spacious clouds left over from the occasional night rain. You can see the shed that holds our car that we use to travel back and forth from the capital. We have started planting trees, plants, and various flowers in the front area/yard. With the coming rainy season we hope to have fresh organic vegetables and fruits for our delicious meals. My mom has her own little corner that she goes to sing and pray throughout the week. We have a beautiful view of Venus on a clear moonlight. As things grow and start to come together, we will see new features added to our home. I am glad that my mom suggested that I take some a mini vacation so I learn to relax and find myself once more.