4.25.14 Friday Thoughts

Friday Thoughts

© Last night I watched a movie called My Name Is Khan. It was a very inspiring story of a young man determined to make a change for his family and himself. I would definitely recommend this one and would suggest you have Kleenex ready because it a very emotional story.

© I have been enjoying the sound of the corn stalks flapping in the wind. It gave me a reason to just sit and enjoy the simplicity of life. In the meantime, I can imagine in a few months the yummy corn ready to be harvested from our garden.

© This week I have taken the time to just sit and enjoy the view of the clouds above our home. I can imagine that miles away my friends are doing the same thing. I am getting to the point when I can recognize the different signs of a rainfall or just windy, cloudy day.

© I am so grateful to my family and friends who keep in touch with me. It just reminds me that I still have a stand of cheerleaders who are looking out for me even though we are miles apart. Keep up those letters I do try to write back. πŸ™‚

© Follow me on Facebook: Sara.Daricha. I challenge you to see past my mask and at my achievements every day. πŸ™‚


Author: Sara Gamachu

I am a young woman who enjoys using her creative writing skills. SEE: http://mahaleta98.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/httprefresh28-wordpress-com/

One thought on “4.25.14 Friday Thoughts”

  1. “Sara love the writings! How are you doing? Been worried about you, heard of some things from a friend here and sorry that things aren’t going so well! I LOVE YOU! MISS YOU TOO! Itried to look you up on facebook but it says no person found by that name 😦


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