Someday I want to be like Julie Powell from Julie & Julia. I loved that movie. Last year I tried to be part of NANBLO. I was so pumped because I thought here was something I could actually do. Well 2 weeks into it we traveled to Africa and well I felt so guilty that I couldn’t finish something I started. I didn’t write for a few months due to restrictions. As soon as my phone was activated and I discovered emailing my posts I figured nothing could stop me now.
This year I rejoined Twitter not just for popularity. I wanted to wave my hand and say I am still here. I felt a calling to write my heart out and say I know your pain and still do. I dealt with Anemia, ED, PTSD, ADD, Anxiety, and Depression.
I am on that same mountain brothers and sisters still stumbling to the top looking foreword to the view. I have been put down verbally and emotionally over and over. Yet I get up daily and look to the Lord to help me forgive and trust people again.


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