As we drove around Addis Ababa I would see these build board signs that proclaimed “Because I am a Girl”.  I really found this to be profound.  I didn’t realize that girls were still left to raise the family or do the marketing.  I was told that the saying “Ladies first.” was taught in the schools.  I kept wondering how things could have been if my parents had brought us back and we would have lived in this society.  So that is what caused me to write this post.  I hope you will enjoy and any feedback would be welcome.

You might think I am a weak emotional person who might not be able to do a lot.  You got he wrong idea.  I use my brain and charm instead of my brown.  Yes I am a girl who does her best and beats the odds stacked up against her.  Is it because I am a girl you think I should be judged by my past and not my present.  That’s not right!  It is a low down dirty shame to treat me like a slave.  Careful how you treat me because you might need my help someday.