What’s New

I thought I would share what has been happening with me lately. It is sort of an update and also just me freeing up some space in my mind. • I have learned to love tweeting.
*Since I reopened a Twitter account I have found myself really liking to tweet. I have really learned how to talk in short notes and feel good about it. When I get those free moments when I can just jot down a note to say, “Hey I am still here!” or just say what is on my mind. Also use it to reach more readers in the social networks and share my writing. I am even finding myself comfortable with just sharing notes from my YourVersion account. It is absolutely awesome! If you want to read more of what is on my mind follow me on Twitter @SaraGamachew98. You never know what I might say next. 🙂
• My mother, who challenges me with new ideas, gave me a new topic to think about. Writing at least 2-3 hours a day on my memoir that I tweeted about a few days ago. I really want to write down my life story. I have had some adventures and misadventures in my life that would probably amaze people. Who knows someday I might actually publish it. I do know that I would use aliases for names and places. I have a few character names that I am toying around with. I would love some feedback about what people think. It would help me brainstorm and just keep going at my rate.
• I already am thinking of a post that describes how I have come up with my names. Kind of like the story behind the story. I really think it would be nice to have people see how my mind comes up with my user names.
• I am hoping to get back on Plinky, a website that helps writers when they with inspirational ideas. I was doing it with Mother’s Journey and I think it would be great to use it on Starting Over.