Third week of March

For the month of March, I have decided to start walking around my driveway that is similar to a track. So far three songs (on repeat or subsequently) and away I go walking the pavement. I am working on taking supplements to help with my ADD, stress, and anxiety. I am trying to go the natural way to help me get back on my feet. I have started going to church and reading independent Bible studies to help with my spiritual walk. Of course, I am writing more. I am trying to make small goals like posting at least once a week. I am still brainstorming for my memoir and how I have lived my life. I call it brainstorming because it seems to go different directions. I was talking to my mom about that and she said it was normal and that was what the editor is for to bring the story together from the notes.

When I take breaks, I watch different shows on the satellite. My new favorite for the season is My Kitchen Rules on FOX, which is a cooking contest from Australia. For some reason it usually shows before dinner so I get hungry very fast. Being from the Northwest I can enjoy a good seafood dinner any day (sadly that is not a local delicacy). Another show that I enjoy watching is The Bold and the Beautiful a soap opera from the States on Dubai One. I am so amazed how many of the American shows have made it to this channel. This particular soap opera is one that I did not follow when I was in the States. It has romance, drama, and of course fashion. It totally curves my entertainment cravings to a mild. Most of the shows I watch are a few seasons behind, but that does not matter too much… except when I want to know what happens in Glee. When I want to watch, a movie there is FOX Movies for that. As soon as I get a desire for Joyce Meyers or Hillsong, I go to GOD TV. Consequently, when I want to laugh, cry, or just feel in between I have different shows to keep me distracted and motivated.

Sometimes I get behind on my reading other bloggers because my laptop and the email program seem to disagree. I tend to read Celebrity Babies and Kids – Moms & Babies – I absolutely love reading how celebrities celebrate their children’s milestones. I began reading this after I had my son (when A Mother’s Journey through Life was just beginning). I thought it was just as good as the other mom-to-be books and articles out there. I also like reading different posts of how they juggle their jobs and family. I it is incredible how much they want their kids to have normal lives. I also enjoy reading Bucket List Publications with Lesley Carter. I have was interested in traveling so this blog gives me a chance to out outside my comfort zone and see different places. In addition, I love how Lesley includes her family on her trips. I think it is great that they get to experience different places and cultures. You get a chance to look outside the box and see all the places you go.

I have been so proud of myself for making my dream in this blog a reality. I have always loved reading books. In just a few short pages, I would find myself in the middle of an adventure outside of my life. By reading, I would let my creative side go free on pen and paper. My mom would always tell me that I am good at this and someday I should write my story. In a way, that is how Starting Over in 2013 came to be. For months, I was tired of just wishing and hoping my dreams of writing would come true. Then I began to fine-tune my voice in my words. Every time I hit publish or send I felt a smile come on my face. Molly you are taking steps this it you are making your dreams a reality. Now as I add my journal entries to my blog I am pointing to my early writings and saying yes it needs to be read. I need my own face and identity. I knew that someday I would love to publish some of my journal entries and I knew that this would be the best way to start. I want the world to see things from a different point. I was opening my eyes so you could see my soul.