So my family and I spent the day in Addis. Talk about fun, fun, and more fun. While the parents went running errands, my brother and I got to go to a local internet café. I was grateful that my Chrome browser was working. It made me feel whole. I was disappointed that I could not get any apps for my phone, but I spent a lot of time on my LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles. People it was worth it! In the end, I was glad to have had a day in the city. Our compound has been getting a facelift from the front side so getting a chance to get out was a treat.

I had tears in my heart when I was going through my email that had finally downloaded. I saw Direct Messages from Twitter and saw people following me. It was a blessing in disguise. I have had a few rough weeks emotionally and needed a little pick me up. I tell you that did it. I decided to sign up for a network for bloggers in hope that I could pick up a few more people. I had seen it on Twitter and finally had the guts to DM and ask if I qualified. <Palm to face> I wanted to find out more info and see if this was something for me. As I have said in the past, I want to write on my blog and gather my thoughts for a future book. I mean you have to start someone right.

I am going to redo my letter to the fellow blogger I had posted last week. I was bummed that it did not come out right. But what can I say I am learning. I have also realized that the color font stays the same and not colorful like in my email program. Not a problem at least I can be happy as I write. 😃

Well this is the second Monday in November and I am doing well. I remind myself if I get tired to take a nap and recharge my batteries. I am going to try a new supplement in my natural regiment. I am hoping to not get headaches from it. Hmm maybe if I take it in the morning it might do better than at noon. I guess we shall see.

Did I mention “S” sent me a picture of our son? It was a few weeks after his 5th birthday. I saw the resemblance right away. He does have his dad’s curly hair, which I have no problem with. I cannot believe he is growing so fast. That is my kiddo! I am coming to terms that it is good that he is with his father right now. I did not realize how drained I was until recently when I was writing my story/post. I have been in denial about my emotional health. I had a few friends tell me not to push myself and just take things easy. The main word that has been used was RELAX. So I have not tried pushing myself. If things do not go as planned, I try to take a deep breath and say it is okay.

At times, I would write emails to my friends. One of my ways to check in with them let them know I am still kicking. Out of a few letters, maybe 2-4 people write back. I have to admit it hurts me. I never really know if they go out or floating somewhere in cyberspace. Than my mom reminds me that people do have a life and it is not always easy for them to respond. So I keep that mantra in my head. That is probably why I write my posts so that way if people want to comment they can. By the way, I love when I get emails saying people like my work and when they leave comment my heart jumps for joy.

One of the joys of emailing posts is that I can go over it in Microsoft Word and then send it with a happy heart. I have already had people leave comments on my Facebook timeline telling me that they enjoy my posts. It makes me happy because I am reaching out to people with each word I say. It is how I ultimately communicate.