They ask her why she gets so irritated easily.

She stares at them and responds, “If you poke me ought I say something.”

You get so mad at little things.

She responds, “Should I just stay quiet without letting you know how I feel?”

She had kept her quiet for so long not giving her two cents or even a penny.

It hurt her so much on the inside and she feared she might have ulcers from the pain.

Is that why she could not keep down food and lost so much weight.

It is just like the U2 song Volcano she thought.

He used to ask her why she did not say anything.

She would ask herself that question over and over again.

Did my opinion count or was it just something to ask to fill the air?

A jungle or dinosaur theme?

She did not care as long as it was not Barney.

“I really would rather something different that didn’t scare the baby,” she was thinking.

Why oh why couldn’t she have just said something.

Should we move to the South or stay in the Northwest?

Let us just have a fresh start and move to the South.

Wrong decision. You should have chosen the one you were more comfortable with.

Finally, she just could not take it anymore.

“Quit teasing me!” she would silently say to herself.

“No I don’t like to eat that I want something different.” She would say if her body did not react well to what she ate.

By this time, she felt in control, yet people just could not get it.

She did not hate people. She wanted to communicate and in the only way, she could.

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