New angel in heaven.

There is a new angel in heaven today and I am sure she is basking in the sunlight of His love. She is going to be well missed down here on earth, but knowing her she will be keeping an eye on the rest of us from her home up high. When I got the call today my heart dropped. How could this be that my big sister was gone? Than after some breakfast and coffee I started to feel a little emotion again. I started to remember the good times that we spent. Our first meeting in college would have been random if it hadn’t been for our instructor Wendy. I remember we used to enjoy our drive thru lunches at Taco Time and spending them talking over the days lessons. Since we were both very slender we would enjoy our Chocolate Boosts and try to figure out the classroom politics of our program. We learned about learning disorders and how we could help the children in our area. When we had our kids (several years apart) we promised to be aunts to them. My first thought today was I wouldn’t have been alive if it hadn’t been for her. She made the call to the police for a health check when I needed it the most. When I was pregnant she explained all the symptoms and reminded me to take care of myself. Through heartburn and excruciating pain she was my shoulder to cry on from a long distance. Sis you are going to be missed by so many people especially your family and close friends. I hope you remember to save a place for me near the pearly gates. Yes heaven got a new angel today. God bless you TC and give Him a hug for me. Now my son does have a guardian angel watching him and I will have a relief knowing she is watching me too. Rest in Peace Auntie Tina!