First and foremost thank you for taking the time to follow me. I read as many Direct Messages as I can. I feel guilty when I can’t respond to them. My suggestion is send them to my email address and I will respond as much as I can.

I began tweeting because I wanted to promote my blogs. Each post I write is like giving someone a hug, a shoulder to cry on, or just a ear to listen. I tell my stories to inspire people to so they can have hope. I have an ongoing battle with anxiety, depression, and eating issues. I wear my ADD with pride. I used to feel ashamed for not being able to keep up with my peers. These days I just do my best and let God do the rest. For those healing from bullying it takes time to get through that hellish path. Just asking for help is the first step to recovering. I have had my share of bullies, and I have had some friends who wiped the tears from my eyes. They tell me I am strong for putting up with the pain. The hardest part is forgiving yourself and letting others care for you.

So all everyone out there on the web thank you for joining me on my healing train. Please send your notes, thoughts, and best wishes to butterflydreams98. They are the seeds to my garden of recovery.

Peace, blessing, hopes, and dreams!

Molly Sebhat
Aka Sara Gamachu

Sent via phone.