It’s interesting that most of my commenters ask me how I decided on blogging. I didn’t roll over one morning and say I want to blog. Before I was married I tried a few platforms that didn’t really take off like the one on Google for example. It just didn’t feel right and the audience didn’t grab on. So I tried Tumblr it was a little better, but I locked myself out. I still use it as my link so I can keep readers. Than I found WordPress. I dipped my feet in slowly. I was a new mother at that time learning the dance of parenthood. I saw that they had themes that attracted my creative eye, dip. Than I could make categories for entries, dip dip. Pretty soon my creative side just felt comfortable enough to lead the dance, splash. I was learning to subscribe to other bloggers and share their work. The next thing I knew I had readers and visitors. I felt alive an feeding my creative side. I was blogging domestic diva. When the left my ex-husband I tried to cover my tracks. I had to protect my son and myself. That meant not writing online. It wasn’t until I knew I was safe did I start a new blog. I wasn’t even sure if I still had it in me. Journals came and gone. My job skills had fizzled out. I felt like I couldn’t go on. So I went back to my one spot that felt like a good fit. So that is why I blog. It is a therapy for me to let out my feelings. Maybe inspire someone who might being going through the same thing. Being abroad it helps me let people know that I am still here. Plus it is a cookie trail for my son who might want to know what his mom did while she was traveling. I started writing when he was a few months old. I was a Navy wife unsure of herself. Now I am a woman searching for her place in the world. Sure I am unemployed, but at least I am spreading some love to the world. That is worth it all! Did I mention I have ADD and that is a tool I work in my favor? Dance like you never dance before. Sing like you never knew the world would hear your song. Don’t let the bullies overtake you because you are worth it all! ~Sara Gamachu