Domestic Violence

When you see those two words the first thing you think of is cuts and bruises. Someone with a black eye or arm in a cast. This can happen to anyone man or woman. It can also be a woman or man who afflicts the pain.

What a person might not know is that same pain can be hurtful in other ways. It can be verbal, emotional, even mental. The worst kind is sexual. It doesn’t even mean be forced upon. It can be withdrawn of affection. Or given as a reward for a job well done. What about the person who is in pain and asks for something to cushion their legs? What do you say to them? Or someone told that they walked the town looking for a trick.

For people who were put down or insulted because a persons expectations were not met. Or told their family background was not smart. How can you compare a person to a famous movie character that climbed a massive building? No that is just too painful for words to say. The worst part was staying silent afraid that those same jokes would be directed your way.

Presents are nice if you mean it. Don’t shower us with gifts to cover up our wounds. Words and affection mean more if you really cared.

Yes DV hurts but you can live past it. Listen to others who really do care. I know that it might sound different from what you normally hear. In fact it is hard to tell the difference especially if you have been in too long. Take that step and be the change. There are people ready to open their arms to you when you are ready. Someday you too can help someone who was in the same place. Lets change history for all of the human race.