Molly the caregiver/helperWhen I was young I was a caregiver in training. When my mom needed something she let me know. There are days I could almost read her mind and get it before she completes the sentence or thought. 

We would bond during grocery shopping. Trying to figure out if I was going to eat something or fly by the seat of our pants meal. My dad tells me the when I was born God gave my mom a helper. As I got older I was promoted to personal shopper. That meant jewelry and things to make her day. I learned the lingo for coffee. Double shot latte with something sweet and savory.

When we talked about this trip to Ethiopia I was not sure about it. The deal breaker was when my mom said she needed my help to adjust to retirement life. It was a tough decision knowing I wouldn’t be able to see my son’s milestones. Than I realized I needed my mom…she needed her helper.

These days I make sure she has what she needs when we take day trips. Crutches, reading material, and nick knacks. I am her tech ninja which means I help with her gadget/device questions. Plus I make sure I have earphones for her quiet times. When she needs water I grab the bucket and head our ROTO for whatever the task. I am also her dictionary and memory bank.

My mom has Post Polio Syndrome. Just retiring meant she truly was slowing down. My job is to make the transition as smooth as possible. Especially making sure she has treats to make life easier. Chocolate anyone?

Even my dad gets help. From getting the shopping list ready to helping with odd jobs around the house. I learned if you push the gas pedal it can be part of a jumper cable. I don’t have a green thumb, yet I learned that plants need water too. Tip: do it during daylight so you can see where you are going. I guess you can say I am a Jackie of all trades.