Once or twice a year I change the themes on my blogs. Yes that is what I said blogs as in two sites. Not bad for someone like me online social butterfly IRL snugs in a safe cocoon. I write so I can help myself get better. I also want others to know they are not alone in this world. We can help each other one step at a time.

I think it was around September when the early stages of limited net access began. I had taken my laptop to the city in hopes of getting some net access to check email and get a few other things done. Once I figured out which sites worked and which didn’t I went on to my dashboard on WordPress. You wouldn’t believe my joy when the site pulled up on my screen. Out of the many places I checked were the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc). They were a no go. I thought it was one of the sites down that passes through our area from time to time (little did I know it was something more.

So I went along and looked over my stats to see if there had been much traffic lately. At the time it had been pretty good for what I had done lately. As much as I wanted to post things I wanted to make sure that you, the reader, would be interested with the information that I posted. I did this with both Starting Over In 2013 and My Journey Through Life. As I was looking at the theme section I saw that the sites need a little tweaking in that department. Both sites had described both my life before my divorce/separation and afterwards. So the theme needed to match the message.

For My Journey Through Life, I wanted something relaxing and inspiring so the reader can read the message about how a person could see her life from a personal point of view. In the beginning you see this first time mom trying to understand the world of parenting. I had always loved working with children. I was the one that volunteered for the nursery even at a young age. I couldn’t relate to my peers, but those younger than me were just the right group to be around. Coming from parents that wanted to serve their community I tried to find my niche that world. You see how I look back on my life and try to help others who might be going through the same trail I did as an individual. I also thought a picture of a beach will describe a person walking through life trying to find their identity.

For Starting Over In 2013, I wanted the site to have a newsletter type of theme also it needs the feeling of getting a refresh on life. As I was getting ready for my divorce hearing I felt the need to reach out to other people and give them an idea what it was like to getting out of an unhealthy relationship. I was a single mom before my divorce and I wondered if what I was going through was normal. It was also my way of telling a personal story of someone who deserved a better life than what she thought she had. On this site I post information about abuse (emotional, verbal, sexual, and also the most known physical). A person doesn’t always know how bad it is until somebody else shows them the red flags. I also wanted people to understand that I actually had been there and still healing from that part of my life.

One of the things I wanted to do with my life was help people. Give them hope that things can change. Also give others a different perspective and hope that they would want to make a difference in our world. That was why I changed the themes on my blogs. It also helped me figure out what I wanted to say and find the right person to reach it. As I went through the changes of late 2016 (local and American politics, current events, and also various health concerns) I needed a place that I could go and just say how I feel. Ask the reader what their opinion was. Most importantly I wanted to raise concern about mental health and other topics that normally don’t get a lot of presentation.

If I can heal from the challenges of my life perhaps I can give someone else a chance to think they can to. It brings to mind one of my favorite films Pay It Forward with Haley Joel Osmet, Helen Hunt, and Kevin Spacey. Here is a young boy that decided to put his action to some hope raising thoughts. Here is my challenge for 2017 can you change a life and than hope that life can change others? Maybe this might be a way to fight the hate and bigotry that seems to have surrounded 2016. Let us change the world and history by changing lives today.