Last Sunday in April.

Thank you everyone for giving me this chance to share my life story.  I hope I can guide another generation with my adventures in life.  More to come soon!



Saturday the 15th.

It’s been a long few weeks. My heart did its usual slip and slide trying to compete against the norm of this society. I collect music like seashells on a beach. Some soothes me while others energize me. I feel this wanting to catapult out of my sheltered home into the big wide world that I was once part of.

I wrote a post that really told my readers how I felt. It was needed to get it out of my system. I feel as if I am painted as this sophisticated American social girl who loves to tweet and post things constantly. I would hate to burst the bubble, but that was how I used to be. Would I return to that life I will never really know?

There are times I feel like I shouldn’t want anything. I forget that I had worked hard to get to where I am. I am a person who put their whole heart into helping people. Yes, I got hurt by someone I thought loved me. But as the group Fun says in one of their hits I need to “Carry On”.

I was reminded by a person that referred me to the Fun single that I can’t judge the men of this world by this one person. At that time, I couldn’t understand what he meant. I was so filled with the hurt and deep emotional wounds inflicted on me. Now I am learning that people can actually like me without even knowing my story. I am a likeable person with a heart of gold.

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2/5/17 Health update, Politics, Devices, and Grey’s Anatomy.

My body has been feeling really well since I began taking my new evening medicine. I have been able to sleep and wake up feeling as if I had been floating on a cloud. I think that is better than feeling like I was on a boat tossed about at sea. I decided for the first few days I would take my morning medicines and let my body relax until it is fully awake. That means I can allow myself to rest a few extra minutes since I generally get up quickly and move about without giving myself a least a few minutes to adjust from laying down for several hours to being awake and off and running. I am also waiting for the outside work to be done so I can restart my walking routine. I had to take a break since I had a cold and a separate infection that put a breather on my morning stamina.

Everything is revolving around the travel ban that Trump had ordered a week ago. I am so proud of being a Washingtonian because a judge had the guts to say “This is not right!” I feel as if things are in limbo for everyone not just the refugees. This will touch their families and friends. I am still reeling from how something could even come up.

This is America the land of diversity. At least that was the America I grew up in.

It is almost time to go to bed. I have been able to hook up the laptop to charge overnight. I am feeling a little better after I spoke to mom about this laptop. I just felt like I needed to make sure it was God’s will before I began to go ahead and change over. My little heart just couldn’t take it if I took something that was not meant for me. I have to get over the feeling that I don’t deserve things. I have been working hard the last few years just to get over my broken heart.

I saw an episode of Grey’s Anatomy tonight. I have been trying to follow up on things I haven’t seen the last few years. This show is the epidemy of Seattle community of doctors. I am not sure how much behind I am. The last couple shows I caught this week showed Derek Shepherd getting into an accident. This is not a surprising plot since he is after a doctor at Seattle Grey. Now I have discovered that he had died in the last few episodes.

I will be honest I felt the shock that most fans felt when they saw this season. I couldn’t believe that Patrick Dempsey’s character was gone. He was part of the original cast from when this series began a while back. He was dreamy and smart. Everyone watching the show couldn’t help, but fall for him. Well I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Alas that is how show business works.

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How does one refamiliarize themselves with a device and software?


My mom makes me feel like I can work gadgets and devices and they will just work. <Pop> Just like that! Problem is I am very old school like early 2000’s technology. I taught myself basic keyboarding on a toy laptop that my parents got my brother and I. It took a lot of practice, but I learned how to type slowly and surely. Pretty soon I was going a little faster and memorizing the keys per finger. As I did the quizzes I realized that I was advancing quicker than I fathomed.

Before I knew it, I had the lowercase completed, the uppercase completed, and even the numbers and symbols. All this on a toy laptop. It was breathtaking for a young child to be able to understand the keys and make words out of letters and soon complete sentences. It was fun and educational. Little did I know these basic games would soon advance into curiosity of the big leagues of technology. Now over 10 years later I have gone from learning how basic keyboarding to learning how to use software and search the world-wide web aka the internet. Zowie!

I had a talk with my mom this afternoon. I had an ADD moment when I felt extremely overwhelmed and anxious. She gave me a chance to vent about my feeling over my head with the new technology. I had a feeling that it would have changed in eight years (I had gotten my first laptop before my son’s father and I got engaged). So, fast forward to 2012 when I was just rediscovering that same laptop and my previous training. That was about the time that I began writing my blog My Journey Through Life(It was called A Mother’s Journey Through Life but I changed it after I took my hiatus with my family). Now here I am trying to train myself how to use this new Windows and Office Programs.

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Tuesday the 25th Sara thinks…

My heart contemplated to stop blogging. For a long time it became my vice. A way to speak out. A way to say I am ok.

I thought about writing a post called About A Girl or something in that area. Being one of the 91% of the world’s population is tough. Women can get a bad rap for their choices. Either a pretty face or have a nice bod. What about our minds? We are leaders in the business world. We are the fashion designers that make up the styles we wear. We entertain the world with a laugh, a song, and a smile.

I am ending my 30s with the goal of healing my mind. Forgiving myself for past choices. And proving that I am not just a girl, but a human being. My weakness is caring for others and putting them first. I have to be reminded to take care of me and things will come along when the times come.

I am a woman growing into her own skin. I live on charity and assistance trying to get my feet on the ground. I read other bloggers to remind me I am not alone. I have friends and extended family praying and hoping for me. I fight myself to make a change. To grow into the woman I am meant to be.

The best advice given to me stay grounded. Have a little faith. Dance like nobody is watching. Be yourself because there is nobody like you.

Sara Gamachu

Written 2017

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Remember you are loved and wanted.

When the world puts out bad news and you feel let down.

Just remember you are loved and wanted.

When you are teased and feel like a piece of crap.

Just remember you are loved and wanted.

Don’t let hate wash you away. Think of others as if they are kin. We are all one under our skin and in our blood.

Just remember you are loved and wanted.

Be the change you want to see. It will be a milestone in the sea of life.

Sara Gamachu

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<3 Whole lot of honesty… so lets begin. <3

Dear Visitors and Followers:

First off thank you for coming to my site. It is great to see new followers and likes when I check my email. It has been a huge encouragement as I have been improving in my healing. I want to thank my friends who have been encouraging me via email when I feel low. Everyone who has been praying for my family and I. Traveling through my birthplace has been quite interesting. I am learning how to communicate with people in my own manner (naturally extraordinary and hardly traditional).

Sadly I decided to hide my other blog for a while. I hope you will remain faithful followers of My Journey Through Life. If you could come over to Starting Over 2013 you will see how much I am improving in my life journey since my divorce. I am beginning to learn who I am by seeing where I came from. Gradually I want to find out my role in life by using my clerical, creative writing, and hospitality skills that I have learned throughout my life.

For those of you who might think I have redirected my writing in the last few posts thank you for your feedback. Right now I am going through a transition that only a few confidents know about. Also I need to be geographically sensitive so I don’t accidently step on any toes. I decided recently (by some miracle) to change my location to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on my Twitter profile. I have to accept reality that I am physically in the Horn of Africa and not in my comfort zone of America.

As Sara I am using an alias to protect myself and also those around me. Now I have to admit there have been some haters that seem to spam my comments. I for one go through that as I can. Those I approve make it to the posts that they comment on. Those who advertise things even in positivity unfortunately do not make the grade. I had to take out some comments that not only insulting to me… but on the verge of bringing me to tears. I am a very strong woman who doesn’t take lightly to being labeled as a bitch or American <fill in the blank>. Everyone has a right to their opinion. But some are just right disrespectful and I can not tolerate that. My family and friends read my blog and perhaps my son might find it some day. I am tolerant to a point.

Everything I write is in honesty. I want to be the person who can guide a generation to helping people instead of hurting them. And to my son who might read this someday… you are loved by so many people who pray for you daily. This goes for everyone that reads this. If I didn’t have my faith or so many in my extended family that looked out for me. I wouldn’t be this light in a dark world. I would also like to state that I am a believer and child of faith. When a person says they are a Christian or Evangelical one automatically thinks about people standing at Planned Parenthood shouting at people going in or out. Guess what folks I was lucky that I didn’t have that happen to me. My extended family embraced me and my son when we returned to Washington. Even people at the time I didn’t know were ready with a hug and shoulder to cry on. To this day I can never repay them for all they did for us.

Well that was a mouthful. I needed to get that off of my chest so I could move on with my life. If you want to share any of my posts please do. Of course give me credit by labeling it either Sara Gamachu or Molly Sebhat. I just want to make the world a better place. I know it can’t be perfect, but tolerance is something that matches that. My email address if you want to connect with me is butterflydreams98. We all need some positive reinforcement especially these days of confusion. Lets start now shall we?

Until next time!


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Support System Part 1


I cannot emphasize enough how important this has been in my healing. I really learned the importance of this in 2012 when my son and I spent a month visiting my family for Ethiopian Christmas. We knew it would be the last time before my parents went to retire back home in Ethiopia. So, we wanted it to be the best memory wise. Boy did that happen for sure. My son got a chance to get to know his grandparents and uncle. It was the first time we saw them since we had moved to the Southern states in America.

I had not been feeling well so this was my chance to visit everyone and get recharge my motherly batteries. I spent a few days going back and forth to a clinic for symptoms related to a whopping cough and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I was thrilled to get a chance to renew my friendship with my oldest friend. She hadn’t seen me since the past summer. Mom wanted me to enjoy myself and not stress knowing my body was in the beginning stages of stress and anxiety condition.

I spent an afternoon with my friend who introduced me to my Northwest members of a support group that I had at that time recently joined. It was like getting a welcome back party with so many people. Since most of them had heard my story from my friend it was a chance to hear some feedback about what I should do in my situation.

For months, I had been suffering from a digestive condition that caused me to have excessive nausea and diarrhea. It began with going out to dinner and having salad with my steak meal. As soon as we got home I ran to the bathroom and began the first symptoms of this mysterious illness. I tried to look up whatever information I could find to explain what was happening in my body.

It wasn’t until my trip home did I finally get some answers. I had concerned several people about this including my mother. I grew thinner and more tired. My son and I spent most of the days with me on the couch recharging my low body battery and watching him play on the floor. What I had no idea was that these were the symptoms of what we now know as excessive stress and anxiety.

This close group I had met would be only part of my current support system. Several of them wanted to help me when I was coughing from the mysterious coughing I had. We tried cough drops of all sorts. It helped a little than I would need another. By the end of the get together they all wanted to keep in touch with me so I didn’t feel alone during this strange situation in my life. One other thing that was brought to my attention was that I shouldn’t travel back until my health had improved. I agreed to that until the night before my returning trip.

That evening I had spoken to my son’s father about the symptoms I had been having. He told me that I needed to return to get medical care. I tried my hardest to explain that I was getting proper medical care and couldn’t travel. The call ended with me feeling defeated because I couldn’t say no and take care of myself. This whole time my son and I were improving and enjoying our time in Washington (even with my aching body I at least knew we were taken care of by my family).

The next day my life changed drastically. My son and I returned with the assurance that I would be receiving the medical care I needed to take care of my needs. Sadly, that was not what happened. I did have a follow up appointment with the doctor there and she advised that I have an endoscopy to check my digestive system. I was not able to have that happen due to the price. Subsequently, I silently suffered through another several months of discomfort. In the end that same support system was there to give me virtual assistance with advice and positive reinforcement. None of that I was getting at my current dwelling.

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Greetings from Sara!

With my iPhone feeling the groove of music in my ears I am trying out this new laptop. So far I am loving it. I felt a little bit glee as I was skimming through the Start program. I am trying to remember if my first desktop I purchased was a HP. I sense this feeling of familiarity going through my veins as I go through things. I honestly felt left outside the box trying to step on my tippy toes hoping to peek back into the world I remember. I didn’t realize how bashful I felt as I was trying to figure out how to turn the gadget on. Yep I called it a gadget because it felt a new toy on Christmas Day. This laptop is so lightweight and I am able to flow with the keyboard as if it was an old friend. Holy crap I have typed 149 words so far. Damn I feel like a human again. I am not sure if you all would like me these days. I am more blunt and easy going. I am trying to find myself in the little things. Just trying to use this Word program is a treat since I haven’t really used anything new per say in almost 3 years. This has everything from to a definition of a word to how to use the Thesaurus. Hmm let me try adding an emoticon and see what happens J. Wow nice!

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