>> If a blog could talk that is what it would say.

I just turned 38 and it feels like a relief. I don’t look at all like I am in my 30s. It is a blessing in disguise. Except with a slight grey wisp in my hair I look younger each day. I am accepting that God wants me to start over since I can’t remember the past few years especially the negative memories.

I add as many Magnolia staff to my LinkedIn hoping they can give me a glimpse of one of the best years of my life. One by one they choose to accept that Mahlet Sebhat is still around. I remember my Paul’s, Kevin’s, and mobile staff. Not sure if they would recognize me today though with my serious face and older eyes that have seen much of reality it can take.

I am two years from another decade. It looks like a climb to the top of a mountain to see my life. Mom says my life is just beginning. I guess I am a spring chickadee wandering around curious about my surroundings. I have spent an off and on year volunteering with my mom at Cheshire home in Managasha. I have become a big sister to 20-30+ patients. Like a mother hen they flock to me with hugs to express their graditude. I see myself in their young eyes.

As a teenager and as a primary student. While thoughts in my mind remind me this could have been my life minus the disability or deformity. That is how I relate to them. They do matter!

I give them the hugs of a mother longing for her son. Kiss their foreheads as my grandmother did for many children. I am the granddaughter of Chewake a strong woman who thought of making sure her children made something of themselves. She wanted my mother to be better than her disability.

So I am doing my part to be a light for the next generation. Don’t let things get in your way. Make the impossible possible. Let’s change history!

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