Last night I had a dream. I saw two girls so alike they were sisters. One was bubbly while the other was quiet and reserved. It turns out they were the same person. It was me.

If you want to write go for it. If you want to be a change do it. The last four years I have struggled to find myself. I thought the old me was gone. To many people I was a bubbly person who befriended everybody. I had to overcome my weaknesses during my 20s. It wasn’t until I was hired at Magnolia Audio Video that I did the hardest thing in my life. Find and love me! I was looking for a chance and with my early symptoms of ADD I just took a leap of faith. First full time job with benefits. Rick, Paul, and so many others gave me the one thing I craved the most in my life acceptance.

Now I might not always tag things in my blogs’ posts. I can guarantee they come from my creative mind and loving heart.

I think for October I will work on Starting Over 2013 because I am turning over a new chapter and that is where the journey really starts. So for the prequel I would encourage you to subscribe to so you can understand the story better. 👸

Molly Sebhat