1)Getting my contacts organized is huge. Makes it easier to find a number.2)Getting my shelf system organized. Now I can find outfits in their areas.

3)Listening to music that makes me remember a moment in my life.

4)Taking pictures so I can share my life abroad. Yep the visit that keeps on giving.

5)Writing without shame. Knowing people are interested in what I share.

6)Dealing with my past and taking steps towards the future.

7)Surrounding myself with people that care.

8}Having faith that things will improve.

9)Being proud of my achievements.

10)Reading books and thinking how I can use it in my life.

11)Dreaming about a brighter future.

12)Finding a simple theme that makes both my blogs slick and easy.

13)Taking on hard things that might scare me for a moment.

14)Find hobbies or activities that I enjoy.

15)Managing my Facebook page and doing things I could only dream of as a youngster.