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Recently my WP notifications displayed that I got several hits. I was so happy that I was getting results and many views. I felt inspired to write 2 more posts that will soon be sent.

My goal for October is to change some of the posts on the site. Essentially I would like to get more connection with my readers, followers, and other bloggers/writers. I want to ask more questions and do a dialogue with others.

I also want to share bits and pieces of my projects to reach others who deal with anxiety, depression, ADD, and especially those affected by bullying. We need to build ourselves and remember that we do matter!

We are all Starting Over from various situations and we need a safe place to get the information and support we need.


Sharing:  Bridge crossing Rio Celeste in Tenorio Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

Just take a moment to enjoy the view.


#tropical, #hiking, #Central America, #volcano, #jungle

Sharing: 20 Irreplaceable Life Lessons I’ve Learned From My Gemini Mom

Great advice.


Dakota CorbinAlways late in picking me up from school, or my ballet class, mum was always busy, running around errands, even for people she barely knew. At a certain point in my childhood, I started feeling neglected. Still, I had a mum who was active, played like a kid, and who at times would totally…

Sharing: What Simon Said

You do make a difference.  Yes you the one that thinks nobody notices you! I know how it feels. You keep going and be the change.


A man named Refuge Rabindranath has been a youth worker in Sri Lanka for more than ten years. He often interacts with the youth late into the night—playing with them, listening to them, counseling and teaching them. He enjoys working with the young people, but it can be disheartening when promising students sometimes walk away […]


For all the friends who look out for one another.  This ones for you!


ANYTHING DEAR FRIEND Just ask, If at all possible I will be there, Do you need me now,? speak from your lips the words. For you there’s nothing I wouldn’t do, Reach out and don’t be afraid, call out my name. Anything dear friend, I promise this I say, Hear me as I’ll never forget […]