As I sat in my room in Holeta my mind would wonder about what life would be like if I was in America.  Would I have a chance to blog more and get a chance to build my writing skills at a better speed.  Would I get a chance to eat clam chowder and love the body I lived in.  All the diverse foods would be at my fingertips and I wouldn’t have to worry about the amount I ate.

These days I love learning to cook various dishes.  I seem to have nack to decided to learn something that most would find complicated.  Like lasagna or enchiladas for a month’s worth of meals.  My favorite by far has been baking cookies.  That has become something of a joy.  I always joked that the day that the metrics (cm, inches, teaspoon, and tablespoon to name a few) I had been absent because I couldn’t figure out what in the world these terms meant.  I have come to realize that my baking skills outweigh my regular cooking skills.  Though my meatloaf turned out moist and yummy.

I have also come to realize that I love taking pictures of things.  It expresses my need to show people what the world really is and not what it is supposed to be.  When I saw Black Panther in the theater (my first movie theater experience in a very long time).  I realized that was the Africa I wanted people to see.  Not the famine stricken land where various regions were fighting each other.  I saw the same huts that I saw in Ethiopia and felt the joy of actually understanding something.  It was amazing.  I left the theater speechless because that was what I wanted the world to see.  A continent of people proud to share their culture and riches with the world.