Thank you to BillboardVagabond for nominating me for this beautiful award.  This is truly unexpected.  I was in awe that anyone would have seen this blog that I have typed out all my hopes and dreams out on a computer or mobile device.


My questions to the nominees:

  1. Are you a mountain person or a beach person? I am a beach person.  My favorite memories are walking down the beach near the neighborhood I grew up in.  Squishing my feet in the sand is a way to relax.
  2. Which celebrity would you like to be marooned on an island with, and why? I would love to marooned on an island with Emma Watson. Because she is one of the most inspiring people I have seen in this generation and I would bring up some of the things that were happening in Ethiopia and ask her if she could help at least a few young people change their lives around.
  3. When did you start blogging and how many posts have you come up with till now?  I started blogging around 10+ years ago.  It was my chance to express myself.
  4. Do you want followers or a following? Yes, I want followers.  I find it easier to have people follow you so you can bring your story to inspire others.
  5. Describe your ideal holiday destination in words or a holiday photo that you were in recently. My ideal holiday destination would be celebrating my belated birthday with my parents.


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