My birthday was a blast! The next day I had a immediate family party with cake, pizza, popcorn (which is cultural), and the best part sodas. It made me feel loved. I enjoyed reading the posts on Facebook from friends and family sending me love. I got more messages telling me the same. It truly was just what I needed. At one point I asked my mom why I wasn’t born on Cinco De Mayo. It would have been easier to celebrate with tacos every year and nachos to boot.

My physical health is going well. I am eating again (after being sick for a week) and the food is staying down. Yay! I am very happy because I was hungry and thirsty (more of the latter). I was weak and thought I was going to die. Considering this is a few days since my discharge from the hospital milestone which is now 10 months. That was making me feel awful and scared because I couldn’t keep down my anxiety/depression medication. My mind was going through a whirl and I was just trying to stay positive.

If you are wondering what I am doing on the days that I am not writing check out my podcast Sara’s Journal by Sara Gamachu. Yep I am recording weekly for now and trying to keep up with my episodes. I was asked what to I talk about. I thought about it for a second and responded “Whatever is on my mind.” It is true readers. It might be about a movie I just watched, a book I may have read, or life in mental health recovery. I take pictures and draw different things with my MandalaMaker app. I have listened to 12 books from my Audible library since signing up.

When I am not podcasting or drawing there are other passions that I am trying out.  I got back on TikTok and started sharing my photos, drawing, and I dabble in doing some video recording also.  My big thing is that I am trying to not be as nervous when I am well showing myself.  I am getting better each post that I record.  I want to show people the process of building your self confidence by using my podcasts and video posts.  I still stutter or start laughing.  I prove that I am human and accept myself even with my weaknesses.

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