Dream Fights is an excellent collection of poetry. It has descriptive verses and drawings that bring the reader into a world where the Seeker fights off their dreams. Each section gives you a peek into their mind. The diverse scenes show him how he remembers what people have told him in the past.  So join me as we read the words of the Seeker as he fights his dreams. I give it a 4 out of 4 ratings because I enjoyed the descriptive verses and how they touched me in my own journey in life.

You can find the Seeker on Social Media via Twitter, Goodreads, and Instagram. Sold at your favorite digital stores: Kindle and Amazon Paperback

Photo by olia danilevich on Pexels.com

2 responses to “A review for The Seeker’s Dream Fights”

  1. The Seeker (@th_seeker) Avatar

    I’m so Glad you liked my book,
    Here is my world wide link to “Dream Fights”



  2. chewakeko Avatar

    Do you have my old Kindel ?I am missing it , if you are using it it is alright , I just wanted to know Where it is.


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