I haven’t written or recorded anything lately. I want so badly to do one or the other. The thought of my sinus and coughs got in the way of my thoughts. I gave myself some gifts to help me get through this allergy season. I am happy. Watching documentaries became something I enjoyed. I’m starting tv series over and enjoying watching things at my own pace. I have even added some foreign films with amazing English subtitles. It is wonderful. Cough, cough, achoo, and sniffles. I found that when I was relaxed my symptoms are at a minimum. I felt good knowing I could see something different from what I have ever dreamed.

The movie about Anne Frank was a wonderful story. I was able to see another version of the classical diary. It would be really hard to believe that Anne would have a friendship that continued through the war. Then there were the set movies like Out of My League. I wish that I had the courage of Marta being able to try her hand at love in the most non-traditional way.

For a few weeks, I paid extra for unlimited data so I could watch people even when wifi was not working. I just needed to feel like I could watch shows/movies and then listen to books and music. It was just the boost I needed to feel incredible. The winter was tough and I needed a spritzer to keep me going. Now that it is spring I realize that I will need to go outside more (place my chair in the sun and soak it up)! I didn’t realize that the sun goes full-blown rays. I scream in my head that it is okay. I can handle it.

I heard that a new phone carrier is coming to town. I am excited because it might be a plan with more data or so I hope. I see commercials about how other countries have up-to-par internet access. With my room being far away from the modem it feels like a data wilderness. It was why I splurged on a few weeks of premium data. I admit it interrupted my sleep, but my happy chemicals were well-happy.

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