So they say

Life is stressful so they say
Don’t take it personally so they say
This is life get over it so they say
But why do they say these things
Yes life is stressful
Yes I take things personally
Yes I would like to get over it
Personally I deal with stress,
differently, I take life personally,
and it is difficult to get over it.
We all deal with these things differently
(c) 2021

Feelings by Sara

Unable to feel any emotion.

Unable to cry except on the inside.

Used to be able to cry at the drop of a hat.

Now the tear ducts are dry as empty wells.

How do I express myself with all of my emotions drained from me?

I look at myself in the camera of my cell phone.

Trying to will myself to shed at least a partial tear.

Now I am just number from all of this lack of feeling.

Internally screaming out let me feel something anything!

Take it easy of yourself.