Sharing:  A Short List Of Things I’m Learning As I Get Older

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Taylor Bryant1. I’m learning that my power really lies in my reactions. I’m finally seeing that not every little thing that bothers me deserves a reaction. I’m learning that no matter what the outcome of a situation is, I’m always able to walk away from it with a better understanding of myself. I’m finally realizing…


A series on how my healing had been.

Choosing to take care of myself. Part 1

I know it’s just October, but this year has been choosy so far.

As you know twice a week (with occasional breaks) I have helped my mom volunteer at Cheshire. I am the tech ninja who sets up the audio-visual items we use. That means playing the movies and making sure the speakers are clear sounding. We use our own equipment except for the television. I can’t just trust anybody to do this except for my dad.

I was approached to help them with their equipment and teaching the patients. As my mentor Mary, would say “Don’t take a bigger bite than you can handle.” I was reminded about a chance to contribute to a local hospitality magazine.

I had to ask my mom for advice because I honestly didn’t know the cultural response and if it was right for me. I ended up not going with either offers. In fact, it pushed me towards to blog more. It was something I could handle.

The whole reason I took this trip was to rebuild my confidence and heal from the wounds of my life choices. For a long time, the bad stress took over and I needed to find myself once more.

Sharing:  Quotes Date : 19/10/2017

An infusion of love.


❤​Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing, yet you feel perfectly happy.❤ 💖There is more pleasure in loving than in being beloved.💖 💜Love may be harder to find in some people, but when they do love you know it must be something marvelous.💜 ❤Love can only be found through the act of loving.❤ […]

Sharing:  29 Short Messages Of Hope For Anyone In Recovery, Or Fighting An Addiction

We all need this.


Chester WadeSometimes I don’t have the right words. Sometimes when I try to talk to someone I love about something so heavy, so important, I feel at a loss. How can I convey my love? How can I show that person his or her strength? How can I urge them to fight, to continue, to…

Is that a smile Sara?

> Dear reader:
> I wanted you to be the first to know that I am improving. Lately I’ve noticed that I began smiling again. It is as if joy has returned from a long journey. >
> I am feeling content and at ease with my life. It also helps that the change in weather hasn’t been intense. Taking care of myself has become a high priority. Having someone to talk to has been a great help. My faith that there are people that genuinely care has been a blessing. >
> It means I am improving and that is a wonderful thing. I just want you to know dear reader that change can happen. It might feel like you are in a storm, but no matter what there is a rainbow behind the clouds to cheer you on. >
> Take care and be well,
> Molly

Sharing:  All it takes is a smile and they think you are ok

Smile and the world will never know what is behind that grin.


Even when you are screaming on the inside, nobody around you hears it. Sometimes when everything sucks, you are the only one who can turn things around. You are not a helpless victim to unwanted circumstances. You always have a choice – a choice of perspective. Even the worst of times have value. It strenghtens […]

Sharing:  30 Things You Don’t Realize If You Feel You Aren’t As Far As You Should Be In Life

Another good list to read.  Inspiration is what brings this to you.


42andpointless1. Your impact on humanity is not something you measure with a line on a résumé or nice Instagram photos. You leave your legacy in the minds and hearts of others. 2. Joy does not come and go, your awareness of it does. 3. Happiness does not come and go, your awareness of it does.…

Thank you for viewing.❤️Sara

That feeling you get when someone hits the like button.😊

Recently my WP notifications displayed that I got several hits. I was so happy that I was getting results and many views. I felt inspired to write 2 more posts that will soon be sent.

My goal for October is to change some of the posts on the site. Essentially I would like to get more connection with my readers, followers, and other bloggers/writers. I want to ask more questions and do a dialogue with others.

I also want to share bits and pieces of my projects to reach others who deal with anxiety, depression, ADD, and especially those affected by bullying. We need to build ourselves and remember that we do matter!

We are all Starting Over from various situations and we need a safe place to get the information and support we need.