I brought my WP app back.

I realized how much I missed reading other bloggers.  I missed being able to share posts that I thought other people might like.  Lately the joy of life disappeared and left behind a dark cloud.  That is not me.  Even in tough situations I found a bit of something to smile about.  The thought of not blogging broke my heart.  How can you silence a single voice?  How can you flicker out a flame?  No I can hide and feel the emptiness push the air out of me.  You got to be careful what you say.  Have I done anything wrong, but take care of me?  I realized this week that my heart needed that extra beat again.  I got music added to my music library that gave me hope that things will change.  Yes things seem dismal and I want to cover the blanket over my head.  I look in the faces of people searching for a flicker of life.  If I can’t see it the darkness says see it’s not there.  I have to overcome this and not be swallowed by the dramatic pit.

Sara is returning to the device near you….

Lately I started posting on Facebook publicly so everyone can see it. Why let the loyal friends get the goodies when everyone else can.

Winter in Ethiopia has seen the climate change. Normally we start the rainy season. Now it happens at night and occasionally during the day. Talk about changes. Sorry Mr. Trump, but it is for real. I posted proof of this on Instagram. It is chilly and I am still in Western Hemisphere weather mode.

I am thinking of naming my phone Ivy cause she keeps on climbing no matter her age. I listen to my podcasts including the Anxiety Coach. Talk about soothing I can imagine myself in Hawaii with the warm beaches. I grew up near a beach in Burien that shows I think Puget Sound. Yes the water might be chilly, but as a child the explorer in me loved it. When I was in Arkansas I asked my friends about the sandy beaches. Was it still there? Now I think about the mountains and ferries. There I go letting my imagination run past me.

The best social media sites to find me are Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. I go by Molly Sebhat, Mahlet Sebhat, and of course Sara Gamachu. It’s time to be creative people! Spread the love and stomp out the hate!

Joyfully yours,

Sara Gamachu

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I am not a ghost. Just a citizen of real life.

I changed my Gravatar to one of my recent selfies. I know I don’t need to prove anything, but I needed a change. Turning 38 meant that I was not the person I was before this trip. TBH I was a nervous wreck. I had been working hard to get myself back on track.

I just finished going through the spam box on both sides. To the psychic community thank you for the feedback. After feeling like a ghost I decided to show my face. Yes that is the real me without photoshop. Just because I am off the grid doesn’t mean I am down and out. Actually the more I post the more I wave my flag in victory.

By the way kudos to the UK voter for asking the Prime Minister about her rights and needs with her learning disability. You go girl! It is time we represent ourselves with pride. What about us? Are we swept aside for being different or outcasted for our appearance? I don’t think so! Stand up for love and equality. From around the world the people’s voice should be heard.

Thank you all for your patience and keep up the feedback!

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HBD to me.

Yesterday was another chapter in my life adventure. I woke up to clouds, but refused to let that get to me. This was it my day to get wiser. I realized while doing my aerobics to Katy Perry I got winded quick. Nah can’t be my age. I spent part of the day watching news and distracting my mind. By the afternoon I realized to my mixed emotions it was just like any day. Mom sang the traditional birthday song to my delight. Dad gave me a hug. It was just like any day. After lunch I took a rest due to my mixed emotions. By late evening I was told that I missed my surprise that would come later. I searched my mind trying to figure out what could it be. I noticed a bottle of Marinda that wasn’t in the fridge earlier. Ah that was a subtle clue. After watching 12 Rounds with John Cena my mind came to rest. Was I disappointed sure, but my inners kept reminding me what did you expect. After a light dinner I awaited anxiously for the surprise. It came in the form of a box with a beautiful cake. HBD MOLLY. Ah what an end of the day.


P.S. Be thankful for what you have. Because someone else might not have any.

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It is Tuesday!

It’s a new day in a new month. The year is going by so fast. Take a deep breath of life and say I AM SO GLAD TO BE ALIVE. Take that mug of coffee or tea and feel the liquid fall down your throat. Think about what new things you can do today. Try to be optimistic even when the clouds are grey. At least it’s not too hot or too cold. Just be thankful you have today.

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Saturday the 15th.

It’s been a long few weeks. My heart did its usual slip and slide trying to compete against the norm of this society. I collect music like seashells on a beach. Some soothes me while others energize me. I feel this wanting to catapult out of my sheltered home into the big wide world that I was once part of.

I wrote a post that really told my readers how I felt. It was needed to get it out of my system. I feel as if I am painted as this sophisticated American social girl who loves to tweet and post things constantly. I would hate to burst the bubble, but that was how I used to be. Would I return to that life I will never really know?

There are times I feel like I shouldn’t want anything. I forget that I had worked hard to get to where I am. I am a person who put their whole heart into helping people. Yes, I got hurt by someone I thought loved me. But as the group Fun says in one of their hits I need to “Carry On”.

I was reminded by a person that referred me to the Fun single that I can’t judge the men of this world by this one person. At that time, I couldn’t understand what he meant. I was so filled with the hurt and deep emotional wounds inflicted on me. Now I am learning that people can actually like me without even knowing my story. I am a likeable person with a heart of gold.

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2/5/17 Health update, Politics, Devices, and Grey’s Anatomy.

My body has been feeling really well since I began taking my new evening medicine. I have been able to sleep and wake up feeling as if I had been floating on a cloud. I think that is better than feeling like I was on a boat tossed about at sea. I decided for the first few days I would take my morning medicines and let my body relax until it is fully awake. That means I can allow myself to rest a few extra minutes since I generally get up quickly and move about without giving myself a least a few minutes to adjust from laying down for several hours to being awake and off and running. I am also waiting for the outside work to be done so I can restart my walking routine. I had to take a break since I had a cold and a separate infection that put a breather on my morning stamina.

Everything is revolving around the travel ban that Trump had ordered a week ago. I am so proud of being a Washingtonian because a judge had the guts to say “This is not right!” I feel as if things are in limbo for everyone not just the refugees. This will touch their families and friends. I am still reeling from how something could even come up.

This is America the land of diversity. At least that was the America I grew up in.

It is almost time to go to bed. I have been able to hook up the laptop to charge overnight. I am feeling a little better after I spoke to mom about this laptop. I just felt like I needed to make sure it was God’s will before I began to go ahead and change over. My little heart just couldn’t take it if I took something that was not meant for me. I have to get over the feeling that I don’t deserve things. I have been working hard the last few years just to get over my broken heart.

I saw an episode of Grey’s Anatomy tonight. I have been trying to follow up on things I haven’t seen the last few years. This show is the epidemy of Seattle community of doctors. I am not sure how much behind I am. The last couple shows I caught this week showed Derek Shepherd getting into an accident. This is not a surprising plot since he is after a doctor at Seattle Grey. Now I have discovered that he had died in the last few episodes.

I will be honest I felt the shock that most fans felt when they saw this season. I couldn’t believe that Patrick Dempsey’s character was gone. He was part of the original cast from when this series began a while back. He was dreamy and smart. Everyone watching the show couldn’t help, but fall for him. Well I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Alas that is how show business works.

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