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Celebrating life by seeing Marvel entertainment effects in person.

Costumes from Black Panther.


Thor Ragenrovk costumes.

Loki’s helmet

We were greeted by the Thing from Fantastic Four

The King himself Black Panther

Did you know Lupita’s costume was based on an Ethiopian tribe?

From Spider-Man Homecoming

William Defoe’s and Michael Keaton’s helmets from Spider-Man films.

That was what Thanos wanted? Hmm such power in a box.

Iron Man 1

Iron Man suit

Man Tony really knows how to make things shine.

More Stark technology.

Captain America and the Winter Soldier!

Black Widow

Nick Fury

Groot bust

Dr. Strange

Dare Devil by night.

Matt Murdock by day.

Luke Cage’s hoodie

Original Captain America uniform

More Iron Man

I needed a distraction from the memories of my past. As I looked at each item my mind linked it to a scene on the screen. Black Panther’s actual costume right in front of me. Loki’s helmet was a degree closer to Tom Hiddleston. It was amazing. Excitement I in me I knew I needed photo proof of what I was seeing. I mean it’s not everyday you see the costumes from the Thor movies. It was a day to remember that life was good. It will continue to get better.


More thoughts from Molly.

I realized somethings from the post that I wrote earlier on my other blog .  For example I have watched the first episode of the second season of Agents of Shield on Netflix.  The character of Fitz was going through a new stage in his life.  He had begun stuttering and trying to find words and Simmons character was helping him.  It than shocked me… I was watching myself after I had gotten back into society.  I was trying to find the words to describe my life before and during my trip.  I was telling my friend about little bits and pieces of what I saw just so she could understand what I was coming from.  I was Fitz and he was my hero!

I originally wanted the title for the post to be Like a child inside of a candy store.  Because lately I have tried so many different things and in time my body got so overwhelmed by the new sights and sounds that it needed to figure out how to let it melt into my body and senses.  Cheese, salad dressing, and flavored water just to name a few came into my reach.  On a weekend that I visited my family I got a small container of Tillamook Ice Cream Sweet Cream flavored.  It was so good that I ate the whole thing in one sitting.  These were things that I had been missing and began enjoying immediately.  In my mind I was afraid I would not get a chance so I went ahead and in my ice creams case gobbled it up.

That is why I wanted to write this morning.  To let people into my world and see how my healing process in action.  Plus I have started sharing some of the pictures from my trip on Instagram that immediately shows on my Facebook page and Twitter.  It has given me the chance to show the world these new skills that I am using to explain what is in my mind, heart, and soul.