Sharing:  7 Inspirational Messages For When You Feel Stuck

For all the dreamers and hopefully people. Sara 👸

Kendyle Nelsen1. You are not lost, you are simply in transition. You are not lost, you are finding your footing. You are not lost, you are taking a different path. You are not lost, you are searching. You are not lost, you are simply moving from one place to another. And sometimes this change doesn’t…


I brought my WP app back.

I realized how much I missed reading other bloggers.  I missed being able to share posts that I thought other people might like.  Lately the joy of life disappeared and left behind a dark cloud.  That is not me.  Even in tough situations I found a bit of something to smile about.  The thought of not blogging broke my heart.  How can you silence a single voice?  How can you flicker out a flame?  No I can hide and feel the emptiness push the air out of me.  You got to be careful what you say.  Have I done anything wrong, but take care of me?  I realized this week that my heart needed that extra beat again.  I got music added to my music library that gave me hope that things will change.  Yes things seem dismal and I want to cover the blanket over my head.  I look in the faces of people searching for a flicker of life.  If I can’t see it the darkness says see it’s not there.  I have to overcome this and not be swallowed by the dramatic pit.

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You have given me something that I needed. Steps back to life. I literally left everything behind to heal from a dark place in my life. I feel like I don’t know how to move on. This post has helped me a lot. I hope it helps other people too!


andriana56The pesky thing about life is that it refuses to remain stable for long. You settle into a routine. You hit a stride. Results start rolling in. And then before you know it, a slump inevitably hits. Your progress drags. Your successes break down. The life that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate begins slipping…