I change my theme yesterday.  I looked at all the themes in the showcase and wanted something versatile.  Simple yet can be used to inspire.  It had it all and my social links were intact (I checked today and gave a sigh of relief).

Although My Journey Through Life was my origins blog.  This one is my present and future.  It became my primary.  I felt guilty leaving mahaleta, but I knew she would always be a part of me.

Yes I work hard to keep up with technology.  I can’t use living off the grid as my excuse for not writing.  The WP app would look at me from my laptop asking for another chance.  When it logged in quicker than before both Ivy the iPhone and I were excited.  I saw it as a sign to not let my hopes get pushed into the pit.

I want to thank you all for the comments and feedback.  I hope to be just warming up my creative juices.

Princess 😊



One step at a time.

I did my first walk in a while.  I took it slow and was determined not to slip or trip over myself.  I felt the cement call me to return to the familiar route.

Stretching isn’t enough it is the movement and fresh air surrounding me.  Take it slow and steady this is not a race.  So with my earbuds on my phone I had a Genius song list ready.  I felt my legs rejoice with every step.