Sharing:  Quotes Date : 19/10/2017

An infusion of love.


❤​Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing, yet you feel perfectly happy.❤ 💖There is more pleasure in loving than in being beloved.💖 💜Love may be harder to find in some people, but when they do love you know it must be something marvelous.💜 ❤Love can only be found through the act of loving.❤ […]


Sharing:  Excerpt from My Forthcoming Chapbook

A shoutout to Robert a  great blogger.  I wish you success with your upcoming book! 🎆Sara

…Red, like your favorite sky, the in-between, the misplaced one. From “I Have Answers,” in From Every Moment a Second, available for prepublication order via Finishing Line Press.

Sharing: Crutches

Beautifully said Sarah Doughty!🎆Sara

You lent me a shoulder to lean on, arms to hold so I could cry. Legs with which to stand. I wish I didn’t still need them. © Sarah Doughty

Sharing:  3 simple truths about criticism we often forget

For all of us that get the comment, email, etc.  Thank you Maja for helping us understand. ~Sara

Rejection. Bad review. Returned papers and manuscripts. All these essentially we consider as a bad news. And it’s not fun to experience it. You feel naked and exposed, your heart is pounding, probably you are blushing and even feel embarrassed. “How did this happen“, you might slur for a second, but the only thing you […]

Sharing:  Two poems by Tess Barry

Absolutely breath taking. ~Sara

White Girl’s Sonnet for Barack Obama I come from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from Donegal, from Croatia, from Mont Saint Michel, from Troy Hill, from a long line of immigrants, from steel mills, racists and bigots, from the city of bridges, the Mon and Yough rivers, from egalitarian blowhards, from an infant left in a basket in […]

Sharing:  Abuse Is Not A Lovely Present

You go girl! Tell them the truth!


Games are fun if played in moderation. But run, do not stay if someone continually oversteps their place in your life. Broken legs. Bruised ribs. Busted lips. Black and blue eyes are not accessories. When you have to hide behind huge sunglasses and cake on pounds of makeup to coverup darkness and paint a smile […]

Sharing: ‘On the Fence’ by Sharon Black

Wow this really touches me.


On the Fence The view’s not bad. Between the patchwork of prejudice and the roll of logic, on a clear day you can see right across to the Cairngorms, rising like indignation in the distance. No need for reason this high up. The grass is green whichever way you look. Sometimes I amuse myself with […]