From the last week of July.

Note: I was so close to trashing this post. I even had a difficult time titling it. Than my inner self said it’s okay to share this. People might actually get it. So here it is. Sara

Both my blogs might get more shorter portions. Personally, I felt awful when I couldn’t do huge detail like I wished. So, I decided short is better than none at all.
Then I realized when I changed my other blog to an even more simpler theme I got excited. It was a beauty and I was proud. To be honest I needed a break from Starting Over and decided to give My Journey Through Life a facelift with a grand opening. Ok that is my city girl side talking. 

Another thing I actually was very close to walking out on my Twitter account. Yes, I am so proud of networking than I realized people I thought were following me actually blocked me. Talk about a shove in the ego. Thankfully I talked myself out of it. I will just let people do the clicking and keep going.

For the folks who think I can puts stuff out when I can…. Guess what it doesn’t work that way. I have been trying to explain it without complaining. Consider me an artist with my words painting a bigger picture. I actually got a comment that described that. It made me feel pretty good.

On both blogs, I have expressed that I have been tense lately. I think that plus the cold weather caused my body to go on strike. It’s been pretty rough. I am just getting over a bug so I might seem extra spicy with my words or attitude. It was suggested that I write in the second person point of view. I felt kind of sad because a lot of the time I am putting myself in another person‚Äôs shoes and seeing the world from their point of view.

On my LinkedIn profile, I describe myself as a caregiver. It is true because my mom has Post-Polio Syndrome which has her slowing down a bit. Trust me the word disabled was not in our vocabulary except when parking the car, “Ooh there is a handicap spot!”

Being her helper is teaching me that sometimes you are judged by your appearance. Like for example in the West there are so many assistance for a person with a disability lifts for example to get them in and out of cars, buses, and other uses of transportation. Here in my native land we are lucky if there is a ramp that gets my mom’s wheelchair around without getting stuck. People literally stare at my mom whenever we go places possibly thinking “what are you doing here?” Is it really that unbelievable that a person in a wheelchair can go into a cafe? 

There are times I share things on Facebook because several people know I came on this trip to help my mom. I also use my blogs as a way to explain how I live from experience and action. I myself deal with my own situations differently from others my age. I was dealt this life that many others would run from.  

So, with that you can see how I want to give hope to others and inspire them to not give up. Trust me I know.

Until next time be a light in the darkness and help others in need.

My Journey Through Life can be a stepping stone to your Starting Over at whatever stage you are.


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Proud of you Viking!  Keep up the good work!


Despite my rant on Monday about the decrease in blog views, the followers number just keeps on rising. I absolutely love you all! I truly hope I never get used to this. As I said before, a book giveaway is coming at 1000! Thank you! ‚Äď Viking

Twitter followers:

Yes I know you are out there. Each time I get someone is following email I gets a flutter.  Do I miss tweeting? Sure I do.  But sometimes if I get impulsive I might say something I am afraid others might take offensive to.  So this is me waving hello.  Hoping others will wave back.


Random thoughts on Social Media.

So I found out recently that there is a limit to how many people you can follow on Twitter. Wow color me shocked. As my followers have hit over 800. It made me wonder could I clean up my own timeline. Having a limit is great because you use self control to follow things. I told my inner people pleaser that it was a good thing. It is like the “like button.” You can support things that you like. So guess what I am planning to do for October? Yep a good spring cleaning. Thank you Twitter! I totally needed that.


Band-Aid Braille
Band-Aid Braille (Photo credit: BWJones)


Sorry to my readers. ¬†I am going through a transition that takes a lot of my energy. ¬†This healing process is much harder than I thought. ¬†The good news is that I will be writing more. ¬†If there are days between when you don’t see an entry ontime…those are my low days. ¬†I might post them late at night once I get myself back up again. ¬†Thank you all for your patience and understanding. ¬†Feel free to use any of my ideas. ¬†If you would put a trackback I would appreciate it. ¬†Glad to know that I am helping people out there internet world.






Day 13 of NaBloPoMo: The Good, the Bad, and the uh oh I am in trouble.

Description unavailable
Description unavailable (Photo credit: Taylor.McBride‚ĄĘ)



Before I begin today’s entry I want to welcome all the new readers out there. ¬†Today I thought long and hard about what I was going to write about. ¬†Sometimes I feel as if I am stepping on a stage and giving little lectures of how life really is like. So with that being said here is¬†Day 12 of NaBloPoMo. (Note of you read my entry a few days ago this re: Sara in Wonderland ¬†this would be considered part 2 in the series)


I have always been a wallflower. ¬†I am incredibly shy and yet I tend to be the most talkative person you could meet (once I get to know you of course). ¬†In my life there has always been good, bad, and oh no don’t tell my parents. ¬†When I think about it someone might like to laugh because people will look at this and think what does she mean? ¬†Well other kids out there who are preacher’s kid’s will understand what I am saying.


Sorry all I started this a little late so I will write another part tomorrow….until then stay tuned. ūüôā






Day 9 of NaBloPoMo: Honesty Part 2

People ask me every day “How are you doing?” ¬†I sometimes wonder if they really want to know or just one of those questions. ¬†In my community you don’t ask questions…people just seem to know and how you look will give them an idea about your situation. ¬†Me, yeah that is a little harder to do. ¬†In all honesty I want to say I am having a hard day because I miss my son so much. ¬†Instead I say I am doing alright thank you for asking. ¬†The only people who really know how I am doing are my family and close friends. ¬†They know that I am going through a huge transition right now and that I might say one thing and mean another.


Today my family was celebrate

Honesty (Alex Parks album)
Honesty (Alex Parks album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for all they did for our community. ¬†I felt like a complete fraud and wasn’t sure how to feel. ¬†I mean I smiled and greeted people who may have known me most of my adult life. ¬†Problem is because of the stress of my situation my memory is well a bit flawed. ¬†I am so lucky I took lots of pictures and video taped scenes from my son’s life. ¬†I am always looking for something anything to jog my memory. ¬†I have come to a point that I just need to keep moving and trying my best. ¬†2 steps forward 4 steps back. ¬†At least I am moving and not letting that part of me just die. ¬†That’s why I write so I can keep up¬†my appearance and feel normal.

And that is pure honesty.




Day 4 of NaBloPoMo: That free feeling.

Cabo Home
Cabo Home (Photo credit: FreeCat)


I have forgotten what it is like to be cared for. ¬†It seems I am the one that cares for everyone. ¬†I am trying not to feel guilty when I wonder, “What about me?” ¬†When we moved my son’s father wanted all his stuff to be unpacked first. ¬†His reason was because he would be going out and needed things ready for him. ¬†For 3 years I made sure that all his needs were met professionally and personally. ¬†I once started challenging him asking why did he have to spend so much money on things. ¬†Don’t get me wrong I was grateful to get things. ¬†As my mom likes to remind me… “You’re the kind of person we begged to tell us what you want.” ¬†So now when my feelings get hurt or when I need space I say something. ¬†If I hurt someone else I would apologize once I had calmed down. ¬†One of the hardest things was not to get affection. ¬†If I didn’t wash something correctly I would be woken from my sleep and sent to the kitchen to do it again. ¬†If clothes were not folded correctly I had to do it over til it was done right. ¬†Perish the thought if I mixed things into different drawers. ¬†I remember going to bed crying because I felt worthless because things were done wrong. ¬†My self-esteem that I fought so hard to build was shattered to pieces. ¬†I think the thing that broke the camels back was when he made fun of my mother. ¬†Now my family is very well-known in our community. ¬†My mom worked hard to make sure children with special needs were heard. ¬†My dad he looked out for the elderly and disabled. ¬†I didn’t come from a wealthy family. ¬†We all fought and worked hard for our dollar. ¬†I was dealing with racism when I was in junior high from the very people you would never think of. ¬†Yes I have a free feeling that I can finally break my silence. ¬†I am not in anyone’s shadow anymore. ¬†I can finally raise my head high and say I am a person.



Long time in writing.

I have realized that it has been a long time since I wrote on this blog.¬† I considered starting over and just trying all over again.¬† Than I thought what would be the fun in that.¬† So much has happened I want to write things in my own words.¬† My dreams are still there.¬† I can be more spacey than the average person.¬† I am starting to see myself go from who I am to who I want to be.¬† It’s the who I want to be that I want to discover.¬† My love of music is still there.¬† I have since discovered YouTube which has been absolutely amazing!¬† I have gone from being Misty the mystery to Molly the amazing.¬† Okay maybe not totally amazing, but a girl can shoot for the stars.¬† Yes this has been a long time in writing, but that is what makes it more amazing.¬† Call me Misty call me Molly.¬† I am who I am the young woman inside of me.