Look how far I have come. Work is progress part 1


I am still surprised that all together I have almost published 1k articles/posts. In the beginning it was a dream that gradually became a goal to keep up my writing. I want to thank one of my earlier blog supporters Mark Bialczak. Mark was one of the few bloggers that welcomed me to the community. I watch out for his posts so I could get a view of someone else’s world. I am not sure if he remembers the positive feedback that he gave me those first few days. I will always look up to you Mark.


Sara Gamachu’s YouTube Channel

I have been asked if I what I wrote about. I would smile and say “Whatever comes to my mind.” That is so true. I want followers and readers to be able to understand that someone else went down that road in life. It makes me feel relatable. Another thing that gave me courage to write was dealing with life after my divorce I began writing more about what was on my mind. From life as new mother who tbh (to be honest) realizing the difference between being a parent and a teacher’s assistant/daycare provider. My interests went in the direction of life being a single parent (specifically a single mom). It is a lot tougher than people could realize. Among several things I was terrified at the time this was something I was actually proud. In fact it was something brought up in my divorce hearing. I was shocked and proud it being brought up by the judge. That was when I was working on mahaleta98.wordpress.com. Sara Gamachu was something I began to start about my life after my divorce. I needed an outlet at the time to help me get through situation of having to take care of myself and not really knowing how to start.

It has been several months since I began this post. A lot has happened. I have inched passed my milestone of 1k posts. That is huge for me. I also have been hosting my podcast of Sara’s Journal.

The reason I chose to host my own podcast because I wondered if there were others who were going through the same parts of life as I was. In fact as of today I have hit another milestone of being a former in patient of a behavioral health recovery. It has been a difficult struggle taking my medicine and trying to get back on a healing lifestyle. There are days when I just don’t want to take my meds because I am just tired of them. Than I realize how much of a bitch I would be without them. That usually helps me get back on track. I decided to come and visit my parents when I realized that things were getting too tough for me to deal with the current stages of my life. The thought of ending my life not once, but three times was something I am ashamed of. On the third visit I figured out that it was better to get checked back in before the stress got to me again.

Another subject that I discuss is/was being a single parent before I actually was a single mother. Imagine how it would feel to be taking care of a young child on your own while your spouse goes on a childish phase where being a gamer was more important than being a parent. The first two years of my son’s life that was exactly what happened. I spent my days taking caring for myself


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